Anglo-Iberian Relations in Post-Brexit Britain #AIRPBB

As Home Office figures have confirmed this week, there was a sharp increase in Hate Crimes  after the UK Referendum: figures leaped by 41% in the month after the vote to leave the European Union, with the number of incidents doubling in the days shortly after the vote. Verbal and physical assaults on migrant workers in the UK have risen sharply. We are very aware that some members of our academic community have been on the receiving end of unwelcome activity, and many have voiced their concerns over their future employment in the UK. These are turbulent times for our staunchly-inclusive community. We are pleased to hear stories of support for all who have been affected by the result.

Matthew Weaver, The Guardian, 13 October 2016: Hate crimes soared after EU referendum, Home Office figures confirm2000px-flag_of_europe_vertical-svg-1

‘Write to Remain’ campaign launched to guarantee rights of EU citizens

Those of us who work in education have heard some of our UK and migrant colleagues voice their concerns and experiences as we try to navigate this post-Brexit landscape. We believe it is important to map and voice these concerns and experiences, as well as to highlight positive action.

The Anglo-Iberian Network would therefore like to gather case studies on the experiences of Portuguese and Spanish academics, students, and communities, living and working in the UK, in the wake of the #Leave vote. (We are particularly conscious of the impact of the decision to #Leave on those who feel their voices were silenced by being denied the right to vote.)

NUS: 16 and 17 year olds denied the right to vote on their future


If you would like to share your experiences and concerns (anonymously, or otherwise) of living and working in the UK with the Anglo-Iberian Network, or if you would like to help us gather data, please do get in touch.

We would like to hear from Portuguese and Spanish colleagues, and any others concerned about how the Brexit vote has had an impact on our lives, livelihoods, families, workplaces, careers, and so forth to date.

Please contact: elizabeth.evenden-kenyon@brunel.ac.uk to get involved.

We will ensure your voices are heard. #AIRPBB

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