About Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon

Welcome! This page provides you with some basic information about my research and teaching.

[Please note: I’m currently taking a break from blogging; I’ll be back in 2019!]

I am a Research Fellow (Hon.) in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, and a Holland Fellow at the University of Durham. Prior to this I was a Senior Lecturer in Book History and Early Modern Literature at Brunel University (Oct 2007 – Oct 2017).  I was thrilled to be awarded University Lecturer of the Year, College Lecturer of the Year, and Transition to Technology in Teaching Lecturer of the Year in my final year with Brunel.

During September 2012 – March 2016, I was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie International Outgoing Fellow across the History Department at Harvard University and the Department of Arts and Humanities at Brunel. My MSCA Fellowship project was entitled ‘Reshaping the Black Legend: Conflict, Coalition and the Press in Early Modern Europe’ and examined the relationship between England, Portugal and Spain (and their territories) during the period c. 1480 – 1680. The forthcoming book from this project (Amadís and Palmeirim in England: Anglo-Iberian Relations and the uses of Arthuriana) will be available in 2019 (as will a series of articles on propaganda and the press – both historical and contemporary).

My research interests are primarily in book history but also the wider history of European relations and their discussion in printed sources of the early modern period. I examine textual production and the dissemination of propaganda during the early modern period – in particular, texts intended to persuade nations to think a certain way about different nations, races, creeds, migrants and refugees. I lecture on Christo-Islamic relations, early modern propaganda literature, Shakespeare & his contemporaries, as well as book history. I have taught in both English and History faculties. (I joined Brunel from the History Faculty at the University of Cambridge in 2007.)

In conjunction with my ongoing research into historical European relations and the press, my MSC IOF position has facilitated exploration of the impact of historical relations on the present day. My work with the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) has facilitated my work in advocacy for better contemporary understanding of historical relations and collaborations, as well as for a better understanding of the value of the Humanities to contemporary society.

I have set up an interdisciplinary academic-heritage network for individuals and institutions working on any aspect of Anglo-Iberian history: ‘Anglo-Iberian relations, from the Medieval to the Modern’. The second conference in my series on Anglo-Iberian Relations took place 19-21 October 2017:


and information about the inaugural conference can be found here:


I am an active member of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (mariecuriealumni.eu) and its UK Chapter, and currently serve on their ‘Information & Data Access’ and ‘Policy on Successful Researchers’ Working Groups. As of March 2016 I am now the European Editor for the journal Arts and Humanities in Higher Education (ahh.sagepub.com).

I am Managing Director of Evenden-Kenyon Consultancy Ltd., with offices in the UK and in Continental Europe (evendenkenyonconsultancy.com).



Brunel University Student-Led Teaching Awards

[Please kindly note that, as of May 2016, my surname has changed from ‘Evenden’ to ‘Evenden-Kenyon’.]

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